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Functional Medicine Programs

Digestive Rebuilding Program

We work with you to understand which symptoms you are experiencing are tied directly to foods you are unable to digest. We work to rebuild the organs that produce the enzymes and digestive juices. If your organs are tired and unable to make enough of these enzymes, then fats go rancid, proteins putrefy, and carbohydrates ferment causing bloating, excess gas, burning, etc.

Hormone Rebalancing Program

We work with you to understand how tired, sick or injured your hormone balancing system has become. Hormones are chemical messengers between your endocrine organs. We use a system of body composition and symptom patterns to select the appropriate laboratory testing. We use a questionnaire in office along with body measurements in our assessment.

Autoimmune Recovery Program

Research is now showing many autoimmune diseases, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia syndrome, chronic Lyme disease and sarcoidosis can be caused due to consequences from stealth pathogens (molecular mimicry), or otherwise via secreted toxins, microbial waste products, host cell necrosis (danger signals) or by driving chronic inflammation. We provide strategies and lifestyle changes to build up your ability to remove these dangerous bugs.

Corrective Chiropractic Program

Why is it recommended to avoid COX inhibitors while going through stem cell therapy? Turns out that these classification of pain drugs can slow or completely stop the healing cascade. We use a system of neurologic testing (including X-Ray), weighted movement, and manipulation to reset the nervous system with herbal NSAID alternatives that can dull the pain but does not stop the healing cascade.

Our Phased Approach

Burlison Functional Medicine Protocol

A phased approach is the most effective method for building quick, long-lasting and life changing results. These phases allow you to  track progress, minimize injury, and get the needed rest to heal. For example, we assess and treat your digestion before we try to do a detox program so that we are confident you can digest the extra complex carbohydrates and don’t experience bloating, inflammation, or loss of muscle through the process.


In our first phase, we start by assessing your digestion and inflammation status along with extensive lab work to find the root cause of your condition. Based on your results we will design a detoxifying body cleanse to remove excess toxins and hormones. We may also focus on stealth pathogens during this phase. You will start noticing dramatic changes in your body and energy levels at the end of this phase.


In our second phase, we focus on restoring normal gut function, endocrine function and hormone levels. Depending on your activity level will start to add in weight-bearing exercise. We take a much closer look at your blood sugar balance and will start with making other corrective change.


The third phase is reserved for more healthy individuals who can handle more intense exercise and diet plans. We continue to work at reestablishing and balancing nutritional deficits, while increasing the intensity of our longevity (living longer), vitality (feeling better), and aesthetic (looking better) programming. Depending on your health goals, this is also when we focus on weight-loss.

We are your Functional Medicine experts. We specialize in customizing a wellness plan to help you overcome your health concerns.


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