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Eating fermented foods can improve your health

Fermentation is not something that is usually associated with good health. In fact, if you mention fermentation, most people tend immediately to think about alcohol, and they wouldn’t be wrong. Both beer and wine are produced using a process of fermentation. The next top-of-mind thought would be that food that has passed its sell-by-date might have become fermented. It’s what happens when you open a bottle and it pops with trapped gas, causing people to shake their heads at the process of fermentation and spoilt food.

Why are so many Americans obese and ill?

No matter how you look at it, the general health of Americans isn’t good. According to the center for Chronic Disease Control and Prevention: “1 in 4 Americans has multiple chronic conditions . . .that require ongoing medical attention or that limit activities of daily living. That number rises to 3 in 4 Americans aged 65 and older.” The study continues to state that 7 of the top 10 causes of death in 2014 were chronic diseases, while 2 of these, heart disease and cancer, accounted for nearly half of all deaths.

The Candida Diet: How to Prevent and Treat Candida Infection

As you probably know, it is healthy to have a balanced population of microflora (mostly what is known as “good bacteria”) in your digestive system. The little bacteria that thrive in our gut help promote healthy digestion and immune strength. Every once in a while, however, bad microorganisms can take over. In extreme cases of intestinal infections, the cause is easy to spot, especially when it is accompanied by extreme discomfort, nausea, and diarrhea.

Amasai, A Probiotic Drink You May Be Missing in Your Diet

People are generally delighted to tell you what they’re eating – in fact, a vast proportion of social media pictures are of the meals in front of them. At the other end of our bodies, after our food has gone through a complicated digestive process, we eliminate the waste. This isn’t something we’re nearly as comfortable talking about – in fact it’s often a taboo subject. Many people admit to their ‘anal retentiveness’ and how they couldn’t possibly poop in a public bathroom or when they’re away from home.

Fit And Lean Challenge!

People just like yourself have come from around the country to participate in the Fit And Lean Body Cleanse. This cleanse and health rebuilding protocol gives amazing life changing results, along with balancing your body weight.

New Research Uncovers What Really Causes Crohn’s Disease

For most individuals with healthy immune systems, they go through life without major periods of illness. Sure an occasional cold might pop up or they could come down with the flu every handful of years, but for the most part, their bodies function normally and without painful symptoms that are difficult to manage. However, if you have Crohn’s Disease, every day might be a battle. Your symptoms may come and go, leaving you with an unpredictability that’s frustrating, or you could experience remission with the looming threat of it coming back again.

How the connection between the gut and brain affect your health and well-being

Everyone knows the terms ‘gut-wrenching’, ‘butterflies in the stomach’, or ‘going with your gut’. Part of the reason these terms exist in language is that humans know instinctively that there is a connection between the gut and the brain. Scientists have proved that a troubled intestine can send signals to the brain, just as a troubled brain can send signals to the gut. Medical researchers now know beyond doubt that there’s an intimate link between the gastrointestinal (GI) tract and the brain. That’s why many digestive disorders can also be linked to your emotional state, such as when you experience anxiety, stress, or depression. While there are many other factors that cause GI tract problems, stress has definitely been found to cause stomach upset, even when there isn’t another physical cause. How does this work?

How the Digestive System Works

Your digestive system includes the gastrointestinal (GI) tract as well as the liver, pancreas, and gallbladder. When you eat, food first enters your mouth, before passing down the esophagus into the stomach. From here, it travels through the large and small intestines, before reaching the rectum/anus. At every different stage, various enzymes, gut flora, bacteria, the blood supply, and hormones are assisting in the complex digestion process.

Have Leaky Gut? These 7 Food Additives Might Be To Blame

Our intestines do more work than we give them credit for, with the ability to process the food we eat and utilize the nutrients for the health of our bodies all while we go about our daily lives. Individuals who may indulge in less than healthy diets could be doing damage to their intestines without even knowing it, and their digestive problems might be a result of something called leaky gut. Termed a medical gray area by physicians across the world, not much is known about this condition except that it can cause symptoms that make life difficult, including gas, bloating, and cramping after eating certain foods. (1) Also called intestinal permeability, it’s thought to be linked to a wide variety of ailments including:

Fit And Lean 2018 Challenge!

It’s surprising that there is such sensitivity around poop – after all, how your gut functions, resulting in the elimination of waste, is a crucial indicator of the health of your entire body. A healthy gut contributes not only to your body’s well-being but also to your mental state. Constipation, lack of nutrients, and bowel disorders all have an effect on your moods.

Getting Sick From No Germs – How Oversanitation Is Hurting Us

We’re told to constantly wash our hands growing up – wash before dinner, wash after we use the restroom, and wash after we pet the dog. Many other countless times our parents are urging us to be cleaner, asking us to shower more often and keep a clean and dust free room. As adults, some of us have taken those habits to the extreme, avoiding germs like the plague. Often called germaphobes, these individuals are constantly afraid that germs will make them sick, so they aim to live as sterile of a life as possible.

Benefits of Bone Broth

Today’s nutrition and fitness world is inundated with a plethora of diets and fasts for individuals to try. The differences between paleo, keto, and other structured meal plans can require a lot of research and discipline, and may not even reward you with the kind of health benefits you’re looking for. That’s why trying a simple bone broth fast can be one of the easiest and nutrient-rich ways to quickly boost your overall health and wellness. Haven’t heard of a bone broth fast before? No problem, because today you’ll learn about why this specific food has been used for centuries across a wide variety of cultures.

Secrets to Human Microbiome: Working with Your Internal and External Microbes for Overall Wellbeing

Right at this very moment, there are literally trillions of microorganisms living on and inside your body. The good news is, not all of them would harm your health. Some are even essential to your overall wellbeing. Quite a revelation, right? If this shocked you, you would love to learn more from this blog post! Welcome to the secret world of human microbiome. The most common misconception is all bacteria and other microorganisms cause us to get sick. As science progresses, more studies reveal how certain types of bacteria and other microbes help us not only to improve our immune system but also ensure that our body and brain perform at its best. It has also been established that there are ways to make it sure that we “breed” the right microbes inside our body. Before anything else, let’s define terms first.

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

Brisk fall and cold winter nights always feel better with a velvety smooth, warm and hearty soup. This simple and satisfying deep roasted butternut squash soup is a gut soothing, immune-booster packed with potassium, vitamin C, folate, zinc, manganese and ultra-healthy fiber. This vegetarian soup stands on its own as an entree served with a green salad or as a compliment to other veggie dishes. It can be made with chicken or duck bone broth for added nutrients and flavor! Just replace the vegetable stock with your favorite homemade bone broth. Use Organic and Non-GMO ingredients whenever possible.

New Studies Shine A Light On Celiac Disease Treatment

Many of us know at least one person who lives a gluten-free lifestyle, and while sometimes the motivation to do so is for general health purposes, many other individuals actually have to avoid gluten due to celiac disease in order to live a relatively normal life. Those with celiac disease often find that even just a little bit of gluten in their diet can cause a variety of uncomfortable and downright miserable symptoms. (1) But what causes celiac disease and how can it be treated? Do your friends who love bread have to go without it for the rest of their lives? Thankfully, new research is proving that other options might be on the table. The task of completely curing celiac disease, and any other autoimmune disorders that creep in once the gate has been opened, is exciting and promising, yet further studies will need to occur before anything can be promoted as a mainstream cure.

10 Ways To Use Activated Charcoal For Health And Beauty Benefits

Your backyard barbeque might be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word charcoal, but activated charcoal is actually quite different than what you use to cook a steak on a hot summer day. Activated charcoal is considered to be a natural cure for a variety of ailments and is a great alternative to medications or products with a lot of artificial ingredients. (1) It can be made from a variety of sources, but typically the activated charcoal that comes from coconut shells is ideal. When the material it’s made from is heated to a very high temperature, its composition changes and is similar to charcoal except that it’s much more porous.

10 Supplements that Provide Health and Healing for Leaky Gut

If you’ve noticed changes in your body that you can’t explain, what are the chances that it might be related to your intestines? While it might seem hard to believe, things like eczema, anxiety, having a harder time battling the common cold, and a whole host of other issues can be linked to something called leaky gut. (1) Also known as intestinal permeability, it’s caused by a breakdown of the lining of your intestinal wall and it actually allows tiny food particles to pass through the intestine into the bloodstream. This can lead to widespread inflammation and is often the cause of a lot of digestive problems and autoimmune conditions.

Too Much Fiber in Your Diet? Symptoms and Effects of Fiber Overload

There is no doubt that fiber is an important element of your diet. It is what makes up plan tissue, and even though it is a type of carbohydrate, our bodies cannot digest it. Fiber is important because it adds bulk to your diet, helps to make you feel fuller faster, and can help with weight control (1). While fiber is essential in the right amounts, is it possible to go overboard with it? While it is rare, you can, indeed, consume too much. The symptoms of too much fiber are not serious, but they are anything but fun.

Is my Poop Normal?

It’s surprising that there is such sensitivity around poop – after all, how your gut functions, resulting in the elimination of waste, is a crucial indicator of the health of your entire body. A healthy gut contributes not only to your body’s well-being but also to your mental state. Constipation, lack of nutrients, and bowel disorders all have an effect on your moods.

Avoiding Injury at Any Exercise Level

We are all beginners in some aspects of life and quite advanced in others. With respect to useful knowledge in a specific subject area or meaningful practical expertise, most of us could accurately assess our particular level of ability.

Increasing Your Fitness Level

Many of us want to improve our level of fitness, but don’t know what to do or how to begin. Others have begun a fitness program, but don’t know what types of activities to include to make their program more comprehensive and healthful. Yet others have been exercising for a while, but don’t know how to keep going or how to make their exercise activities appropriately challenging.

The Importance of Vitamin D

One of the great benefits of our increased time outdoors is the biochemical activation of vitamin D synthesis triggered by exposure to ultraviolet rays in sunlight. Of course, in today’s world, it’s important to make sure we’re not exposed to too much ultraviolet radiation. We need to balance the beneficial effects of vitamin D versus the harms of overexposure.

The Importance of Mindfulness

More and more of us allow ourselves to become distracted throughout the day by the never-ending onslaught of text messages, emails, and the pings of calendar reminders. Instead of turning off our phones, we persist in peering down at them, and our awareness of the world around us becomes dimmer and dimmer as the pull of our technological devices becomes ever stronger. The important solution to our loss of presence and control is the willingness to take on a mindfulness practice.

Quick Hacks to Start Your Exercise Program

Many of us prevent ourselves from beginning an exercise program by focusing on the daunting perspective of the necessity of doing exercise for one’s entire life. We're here to help you put a different perspective on things to help get you moving.

Good and Bad Exercise Pain

Being able to distinguish between a good pain and a not-so-good pain is critically important for all of us who engage in regular vigorous exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. Even highly trained athletes such as those on high school and college teams, dancers, and those training for long distance races or multisport events may have difficulty knowing when they are able to work through some pain and discomfort versus needing to pay attention to a real injury.

Liver Symptoms and Body Type

Your liver is an amazing organ that can regenerate very quickly given the proper rest, lifestyle habits, and nutrition. If it becomes tired, sick, or injured you will notice specific symptom patterns and body changes that get worse over time. Use this article to educate yourself and your family on liver function.

Ovary Symptoms and Body Type

Learn about the symptom pattern and body type of the ovaries. The life-giving ovaries produce hormones that are important to the emotional and physical wellbeing of women of any age. Use the information to understand if your symptoms are directly tied to your ovaries and what to do about it.

Thyroid Symptoms and Body Type

The thyroid, located in the middle of the neck sends signals (hormones) to the liver that in turn regulates our energy production. Learn how the thyroid impacts metabolism and how this is experienced through symptom patterns and body composition changes.

Pituitary Symptoms and Body Type

The pituitary gland is only the size of a pea, yet it regulates our entire hormonal system. This gland is very sensitive as can be malnourished or overstimulated causing loads of problems into adulthood including extreme under and overdevelopment, infertility problems, and tumor susceptibility.

Gonadal Symptoms and Body Type

The gonads are a combination of glands that include the testes, prostate, and cowper's. These glands work together to produce hormones and function to the male reproductive system. If not properly nourished and rested, these glands cannot produce enough hormones and thus unfavorable physical results.

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