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Hormone Rebalancing Program

We work with you to understand how tired, sick or injured your hormone balancing system has become. Hormones are chemical messengers between your endocrine organs.

How your body is changing is the key

We use a system of body composition and symptom patterns to select the appropriate laboratory testing. We use a questionnaire in office along with body measurements in our assessment.

How well are your organs functioning?

Through testing and assessment we can determine your hormones levels and approximate your organ function. We will then provide you with lifestyle recommendations and a customized protocol to increase function. We use a combination of blood labs and dry urinalysis (dutchtest.com) to understand your hormone levels.

Are you getting better?

We will do regular testing to gauge progress and make necessary changes to your plan.


We offer a variety of other Functional Medicine services:

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The thyroid, located in the middle of the neck sends signals (hormones) to the liver that in turn regulates our energy production. Learn how the thyroid impacts metabolism and how this is experienced through symptom patterns and body composition changes.

The gonads are a combination of glands that include the testes, prostate, and cowper's. These glands work together to produce hormones and function to the male reproductive system. If not properly nourished and rested, these glands cannot produce enough hormones and thus unfavorable physical results.

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I'm off my meds!

Read Dan J.'s success story

“After suffering a heart attack my friend referred me to Dr. Steve and Dr. Justin. I knew I had to make changes in my life and I did not want to be on prescription medications the rest of my life. With the help of the Burlison Clinic and the protocol that they have me on, I’ve been able to get off all but one of my meds. I feel great and no longer live in fear — in fact, I feel empowered.”

No more migraine headaches!

Read Joelle S.'s success story

“I came to a wellness dinner at the recommendation of a friend of mine. I liked what I heard so much that I decided to go in for a consultation. I can’t begin to tell you how much better I am. I don’t have migraine headaches anymore, I can sleep better through the night. I just feel so much better. I highly recommend Dr. Steve and Dr. Justin. They’re the best!”

Rheumatoid arthritis pain gone!

Read Beth E.'s success story

“From a recommendation from a friend I went to see Dr. Burlison and Dr. Linker for my Rheumatoid Arthritis. I didn’t want to go on prescription drugs for my arthritis and I thought I’d give the docs a try. Now I’m so excited to tell you it’s worked wonderfully, I mean I couldn’t even make a fist before coming to the Burlison Clinic. My hands were very stiff and painful and now I can make a fist without a problem. It’s amazing and I feel so much better. The Burlison Clinic is amazing.”

We are your Functional Medicine experts. We specialize in customizing a wellness plan to help you overcome your health concerns.


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