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Our Tribe!

Family, Friends, and Community

We are a team of educators, practitioners, and supporting staff members. It is our goal to help you breakthrough your health challenges using functional medicine testing standards, powerful natural protocols, spiritual exercises, and health coaching to keep you on track. As you start to learn about us and what drives our practice, feel free to connect with us and ask us questions about how we can help you.

To health and wellness,

Dr. Steve Burlison

Do you feel ALIENATED?

It is easy to feel isolated when feeling tired, experiencing symptoms, and not getting the support you desperately need to start healing.

You are not ALONE.

Many of our patients come into our clinic needing answers to what is triggering their health challenges and what they need to do to overcome them.

Connect with like-minded PEOPLE!

We believe that healing starts with a spark. We ignite your passion to make real changes in your life with educational and social opportunities.

Why join US?

We feel that we are the best not only because we use industry-leading testing, have wild-crafted herbs and organic supplements, but also because we have the best attitude to move your health forward.

Let’s Pay it FORWARD.

We believe in the service of others to help move healthcare forward. We believe in education over medication. We believe that the gift of health must be shared with others. We believe in a commitment to everyone who walks through our doors to become the best version of themselves.

We refuse to follow the crowd; our sole focus is standing up for what is right for you and finding the root cause of your health challenge. We promise to be relentless in the quest for self empowerment and well-being. We are unwilling to compromise, especially when it comes to your health. The team at Burlison Clinic is straightforward, honest, with your healing as our top priority.

We are your Functional Medicine experts. We specialize in customizing a wellness plan to help you overcome your health concerns.


  • 1580 S. Milwaukee Ave. Suite-102, Libertyville, IL
  • 1.847.680.9500


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