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Dr. Steve Burlison has a mission to provide the highest quality natural health care in the country to you and your family. Start the conversation today. Get you’re FREE Digestive Disorder or FREE Hormone Balance Report and start healing today.

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Why People See Us

Digestive Disorders

Damage to the digestive system is most often caused by malnutrition, toxins, and stress that lead to an unbalanced microbiome (poor gut health). We work with you to understand which symptoms you are experiencing are tied directly to foods you are unable to digest. We work to rebuild the organs responsible for the digestive process. We look to see what digestive organs are not functioning properly causing fats to go rancid, proteins to putrefy, and carbohydrates to ferment in the digestive system. When macronutrients are not digested properly, they produce symptoms like bloating, excess gas, burning, etc. Take your Free Digestive Disorder Assessment today to start the healing process.

Struggles with Hormone Imbalance

Hormones are chemical messengers that are sent throughout your whole body to help regulate function. Nutrition and digestive health are directly related to the proper production of hormones within the body. When hormones are not produced correctly, the whole body suffers. We work with you to understand how tired, sick or injured your hormone producing organs have become. We use a system of clinical assessments along with appropriate laboratory testing to find exactly what your body needs to heal properly. By balancing hormone levels, you begin to see a dramatic change in your energy, vigor and mood levels. Take your Free Hormone Assessment today to start the healing process.

Chiropractic and Neurologic Assessment

It’s not just in your head! We take you through a comprehensive neurologic exam to understand the amount of physical stress that is being applied to your nervous system.

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Maintaining A Healthy Weight

There is no cookie cutter diet or nutrition program that works for everybody. Each digestive system has its very own unique microbiome and functions differently both physically and chemically. Specific digestive and hormone tests are needed to find deficiencies within the body. As your body get’s the exact nutrients it needs, you will naturally and safely lose the unwanted weight and balance out to a healthier you.

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 Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

An avalanche of research shows that poor digestive health can be the primary culprit for unexplained stress, anxiety, and depression. By balancing gut health (microbiome) and or hormone levels, you can experience a dramatic reduction or complete elimination of these symptoms.

Autoimmune Diseases

Most autoimmune disorders are self-inflicted. In most cases, the damage is done unknowingly. Damage to the digestive system and unbalanced hormone levels are often a major contributor to autoimmune disorders. The great news is as the digestive system begins to heal and hormone levels are brought in balance patients see a massive reduction or complete remission of their symptoms.

We are your Functional Medicine experts. We specialize in customizing a wellness plan to help you overcome your health concerns.


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